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Laos Attractions

Unlike the other countries, e.g. Thailand, in Indochina, Laos don't have too many gorgeous and exquisite attractions, but no one will look down upon this country since it preserves the most primitive nature, the most purest brief of Buddhism, and the most easygoing lifestyle. Unconsciously you will be immersed in a real and simple world in Laos.
Luang Prabang
A UNESCO World Heritage City famous for its numerous temples, colonial era architecture, and vibrant night market.
Plain of Jars
A megalithic archaeological landscape adorning the Laos tour, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.
Wat Si Saket
The oldest and prettiest temple in Vientiane, famous for its unique Siamese style of Buddhist architecture.
Pha That Luang
A gleaming golden stupa which is perhaps the most important national monument in Laos.
Wat Xieng Thong
As the Golden City Temple, one of the most important Lao monasteries.
Wat Xieng Khuan
Also called Buddha Park, famous for over 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues in different shape and size.
Wat Phu
A ruined Khmer temple complex, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNSECO.
Tham Sang Triangle
It houses four caves in Vang Vieng, which are Tham Sang, Tham Hoi, Tham Loup, and Tham Nam.
Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham
A Buddhist temple famous for exquisitely complex carved black lacquer and gold leaf artwork.