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Things to Do in Laos

Though Laos holds sleepy and laid-back atmosphere, it doesn't mean the lack of things to do. Concerning its unique geographic shape, Laos is a land full of enchantment and charm, boasting something for nearly every type of tourist, from the person who wants to drift along the stunning Mekong River and enjoy life as it passes slowly, to the adventurer of exploring remote areas in the countryside. Encountering with such diversified charms will leave you a merry Laos tour.

Caving Kayaking on Nam Song River

Along Nam Song River display miracle karst landscape, lots of caves of strange-shapes, and primitive villages, etc. You may enjoy the tranquil landscape before stopping at a couple of caves along the way. Both caves partially submerged, so you can explore them by swimming. Paddling the last leg brings you to your riverside bungalow with time to rest and enjoy the sunset.

Vang Vieng is notable for wandering the unexploited caves which have no lighting facility. The spring from Thang Jang cave is very clear and limpid flowing into the caves at the foot of the mountain, which is very convenient for swimming. Cruise from the upstream of Nam Song River to Vang Vieng town by renting a big tyre of tractor. Remember taking care of yourself during the drift.

Old Muang Ngoi Trekking

Trekking is an absolute must-do in Luang Prabang. On your way you’ll see beautiful landscape, spectacular waterfalls, indigenous wildlife and gain a fascinating insight into some of the rural folk living in the hill tribe villages. Descendants of the Mongolians, the Hmong tribe make their home in the chillier higher hills whilst the Khmu tribe is found in lower regions with treks to their homes taking you through lush tropical jungle.

During the trekking, you’ll begin from Ban Hadsapheui (Khamu village) uphill to Ban Kioukhan to explore local people's working and living condition; across rice field and Tham Kang Cave arrive at Muang Ngoi, and then take a local boat to Nong Kiew and drive back to Luang Prabang.

Elephant Rides in Camp

Along the banks of the Namkhan River, the Elephant Village Sanctuary (also known as the Elephant Park Project) works towards providing a peaceful future for rescued Lao elephants. 

You may choose an elephant and spend time with the Mahout team, feeding and getting familiar with the graceful animal, which is a precious experience to get really up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. In it you may be taught to learn the basic mahout training in how to control an elephant, and ride your partner with the Mahout team into the jungle.

Collecting Seeds with Villagers

Joining villagers to collect the seed is an interesting and meaningful must-do activity in Luang Prabang. You can walk through community forest areas to learn of their importance along Seuang River. As you walk you will collect seeds of threatened trees that need protecting and replanting. 

When you arrive back at the village prepare the seeds you collected for germination at the community tree nursery. These seedlings will be planted by villagers in the next rainy season.

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