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Lao cuisine is similar to its Thai and Vietnamese neighbour’s culinary offerings. Spicy soup, rice and a range of meat-based side dishes make up a meal, shared by all at the table. Some of the raw vegetables can be used to cool your mouth when the chilis are overwhelming. Rice is the staple carbohydrate. The standard kind is sticky rice, eaten by hand from small baskets called Tip Khao. Using your right hand, pinch off a bit, roll into a ball, dip and munch away.

Popular Dishes Suggested to Try

Laap (also called larb, a national dish), a "salad" of minced meat mixed with herbs, spices, lime juice and, more often than not, blistering amounts of chili. Unlike Thai larb, the Lao version can use raw meat (dip) instead of cooked meat (suk), and if prepared with seafood makes a tasty if spicy carpaccio.
Tam Maak Hung, the spicy green papaya salad known as Som Tam in Thailand, but which the Lao like to dress with fermented crab and a chunky, intense fish sauce called Pa Daek, resulting in a stronger flavor than the milder, sweeter Thai style. 
Ping Kai, spicy grilled chicken
Mok Pa, fish steamed in a banana leaf.

Guests-Picked Restaurants
Aria Italian Culinary Arts 8 Rue Francois Nginn, Ban Mixai
L'Adresse de Tinay Wat Ongteu
Lao Kitchen Rue opposite KP Hotel
Makphet Resturant Sethathirat Road, Chanthabouly District
Noy's Fruit Heaven Heng Boun Road, Ban Haysok
Xang Khoo Restaurant 68 Pangkham Road
Luang Prabang
Mekong Riverview Hotel Mekong Riverside Road, Xieng Thong Village
Riverloft Restaurant 80 Kingkitsarath Road (Formerly Arthouse Cafe)
Tangor House No.636, Ban Xiengmouane, Rue Sisavangvong
Blue Lagoon Restaurant Ban Choumkong, beside the former Royal Palace or National Museum
Delilah's Place Chao Fa Ngum Road, Wat That
Rosella Fusion Restaurant Group 114, Kingkitsarat Road, Ban Vat Sene Village
Le Panorama Street no. 5, Bane Watlouang
Champady Restaurant Stree 12, South of Stree 13
Bolaven Cafe Highway 13 South, across from Sang Aloon Hotel
Xuan Mai On the Corner near Hotel PakseDaolin Restaurant Cafe
Daolin Restaurant Cafe Road 13, Thaulang Quarter
Vang Vieng
La Verandah Restaurant Vang Vieng keo
A.M.D Restaurant Ban Viengkeo
Kangaroo Sunset Bar River Road, Corner of Blue Lagoon Turn Off, Past the Hospital
Jungle Restaurant River Road
River Spirit Sisavang Street, Ban Viengkeo