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Things to Do in Bhutan

The best way to experience Bhutan is to take part in the local activities. It touches you with the unadorned pattern of manifestation, filled with admiration for religion and compliance of traditional customs, which reflects the hospitality and simplicity of Bhutanese. Especially in the festivals, the close contact with local people and many interesting activities such as marked dances, dramatic performances etc., will bring you a fantastic Bhutan tour.

Watch Archery Match

As a national sport in Bhutan, archery is very popular within and without the country, which is considered to a martial art more than a simply sport, burnished by songs, dances and near-primitive howls. It is one of the most enjoyable sports that benefit the physical and mental development.

It also has tremendous tourist appeal. Archery tournaments and competitions are held throughout the country and played during religious and secular public holidays and local festivals, which becomes an attractive point of interest for tourism in Bhutan. Every village has a field for archery. The most notable archery competition in Bhutan is the Yangphel tournament. 

Visit Local Market

Bhutan’s local market is a must-see in Bhutan tour, as it is an epitome of Bhutanese life, truly mirroring the original appearance of this kingdom. Thimphu’s outdoor market has been renovated and become the unique large-scale normal indoor market, named Local Farm Produce. It is located in the center of Thimphu and open only in Saturday and Sunday. The booths and goods are tidy and well-arranged, the sellers especially women are surprisingly well-dressed. They are hospitable and generous to serve the distant guests. 

Bhutan’s local market gives you a direct recognition of the life in the country. You can find out the local specialties and characteristic art crafts. The most impressive feature is that the market is quiet and simple, no cry, no bustle, which is a kind of Bhutanese view of life.   

Paro Valley Trekking

Paro Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan. It is also the religious site and tourist attraction with Paro (Rinpung) Dzong, Taktsang Monastery (Tiger Nest), etc. 

Trekking through Paro Valley is really a memorable experience in your Bhutan tour. Along the winding road, you can appreciate the local farms, flourishing flora, and graceful riverside scenery. Furthermore, getting through the jungle trails or the prayer paths is a good chance to closely experience the local religious activities. If possible, you can climb up to the Paro Taktsang to have a bird’s-eye view of the whole valley.

Appreciate Masked Dances & Dramas
Bhutan has numerous public holidays, most of which focus on traditional seasonal, secular and religious festivals, such as winter solstice, the lunar New Year, the King's birthday and various Buddhist and Hindu celebrations, etc. And masked dances and dance dramas are common traditional features at festivals, usually accompanied by traditional music. Energetic dancers, wearing colorful wooden or composition face masks and stylized costumes, depict heroes, demons, death heads, animals, gods, and caricatures of common people. The dancers enjoy royal patronage, and preserve ancient folk and religious customs and perpetuate the ancient lore and art of mask-making.

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