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Bhutan Attractions

Bhutan is one of the mysterious destinations to explore. Due to the isolated location and conservative policy, it has many attractions for tourists to unfold their veils. 
Since Bhutan is a religious country and almost all the Bhutanese believe in religion. There is at least a temple in every city or village. More than 2000 ancient Buddhist monasteries and over 1000 pagodas spread all over the country, which form numerous spectacular religious pictures and cultivate abundant cultural masterpieces. In addition, the diversity of geography results in unique natural landscapes and various flora and fauna. 
Punakha Dzong
The second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan. It is said to be “the palace of great happiness or bliss”.
Chimi Lhakhang
A famous monastery in Punakha, well-known for its fertility blessings, where people pray for and seek protection for children.
Paro Taktsang (Tiger Nest)
A splendid Himalayan Buddhist sacred spot which is a famous sign in Bhutan tour, perched on the precipitous cliff-side of Paro Valley.
Paro Dzong
Also named Rinpung Dzong which means “fortress on a heap of jewels”, overlooking the Paro Valley.
Dochula Pass
Over 3000 meters, the Dochula Pass is the most well known pass in Bhutan in Bhutan. You can see clear across the country, almost into Tibet.