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Bhutanese cuisine employs a lot of red rice (like brown rice in texture, but with a nutty taste, the only variety of rice that grows at high altitude), buckwheat, and increasingly maize. The diet in the hills also includes chicken, yak meat, dried beef, pork, pork fat and mutton. Soups and stews of meat, rice, ferns, lentils, and dried vegetables spiced with chili peppers and cheese are a favorite meal during the cold seasons. 

Zow shungo is a rice dish mixed with leftover vegetables. Ema datshi, made very spicy with cheese and chili peppers (akin to chili con queso), might be called the national dish for its ubiquity and the pride that Bhutanese have for it. Other foods include jasha maru, a chicken dish; phaksha paa, thukpa, bathup and fried rice. Popular snacks include momo(dumplings), shakam eezay and liver. Dairy foods, particularly butter and cheese from yak and cow, are also popular, and indeed almost all milk is turned to butter and cheese. Popular beverages include butter tea, tea, locally brewed ara (rice wine) and beer. Spices include cardamom, ginger, chili peppers, thingay (Sichuan pepper), garlic, turmeric and caraway.

When offered food, one says meshu meshu, covering one's mouth with the hands in refusal according to Bhutanese manners, and then gives in on the second or third offer.

Guests-Picked Restaurants
Ambient Cafe Norzin Lam
The Zone Chang Lam, Gpo 415
Seasons Pizzeria Hongkong Market
Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant Folk Heritage Museum, Kawajangsa
Zombala Hong Kong Market
Sonam Trophel Restaurant Paro Tshongdue
Dagmar restaurant Back street from main street
Tshernyoen's Cafe Bhutan Telecom Road, Tshongdue
Yue-Ling Main street
Lobesa Village Restaurant Lobesa Village
Chimi Lakhang Cafeteria Chimi Lakhang Trail, Village of Sopsokha