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Vietnam Attractions

From dynamic period to war time, Vietnam has centuries-deep history full of enriching and thrilling world-renowned attractions, influenced by Buddhism and Western culture in the sustainable development. Also due to the distinctive landform and historical deposition, the country abounds with beautiful natural landscapes and prominent human heritages as well as tranquil village life that attract tourists’ eyes.

Temple of Literature
The oldest university in Vietnam, a best-preserved temple of Confucius in Hanoi
Tomb of Tu Duc
One of the most beautiful works of royal architecture of the Nguyen dynasty
Hoi An Ancient Town
A world heritage to display Vietnamese and colonial architectures and to explore the ancient sites of Champa Kingdom.
Thien Mu Pagoda
One of the oldest and prettiest religious buildings in the country
Halong Bay
A dramatic fairyland in for Vietnam boating tour, featuring spectacular limestone formations rising out of verdurous waters.
One Pillar Pagoda
A historic Buddhist temple in Hanoi, one of Vietnam's two most iconic temples.
Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park
A UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for the world's two largest karst regions and the ecosystem of limestone forest.
Phong Nha Cave
The largest and most beautiful famous cave in Vietnam with a history of approximately 250 million years.
Tran Quoc Pagoda
One of Vietnam's oldest pagodas, known for sunset view with harmonious architecture on the water.
Quan Thanh Temple
A Taoist temple in Hanoi, used for celebration, worship and praying for health, luck and happiness.
Khai Dinh Tomb
The symptomatic of the decline of Vietnamese culture during the colonial era, with Vietnamese and European elements.
Imperial City
A walled fortress and palace in the former capital of Vietnam, also called Kinh Thanh.
Minh Mang Tomb
One of Hue's Royal Tombs, famous for its architecture which harmoniously blends into the natural surroundings.
My Son
Vietnam’s most significant sit of the ancient kingdom of Champa, a UNESCO World Heritage site