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Vietnam Travel Tips

Here are some latest travel tips about Vietnam that are important to foreigners to travel to Vietnam. To ensure having a great time in Vietnam, kindly read them carefully. And if you have any other question about your trip to Vietnam, you can mail us at service@indochinatourguide.com 
Weather and Climate
Vietnam is a tropical country where most of the year is warm and humid. If you are not used to tropical weather, be prepared to shower and change your clothes two or three times a day. Practically every hotel in Vietnam has laundry service that is usually quite inexpensive.
 Yearly May to November is Vietnam’s rainy season, while the dry season is from November to April of the following year when it is better to take a trip.
Vietnam Visa
Most nationalities require a visa to enter Vietnam. Visa is easily obtained from embassy of Vietnam or consulates in your country in advance. Passport must be valid for a minimum six months after final departure date. Kindly note that visitors cannot get a visa on arrival without prior arrangements.
Vietnam Currency
The currency of Vietnam is "Dong" (abbreviated “d" or VND). Bank notes are: 100d , 200d and 500d (too small value - rarely used); 1,000d; 2,000d; 5,000d; 10,000d, 20,000d, 50,000d and 100,000d (each has two versions - cotton and polymer), 200,000d and 500,000d. 
US dollar is widely accepted while most major currencies can be exchanged at leading banks in Vietnam (Vietcombank, ANZ, ACB, VIB Bank…) or some hotels and jewelry shops. The official rate of exchange is approximately VND15, 500 to US$1. Traveller Cheques are also accepted at most of hotels, restaurants but in major cities. 

It is necessary to make an guaranteed insurance plan before your trip. To declare any existing medical conditions you have to make clear which will cover you. You may require extra cover for adventure activities such as rock climbing. If you travel through a local agent, they normally supply insurance services of Bao Viet or Bao Minh (state-owned companies), with the highest assessment of US$10,000. Fee is about US$1,5 per day.
Electrical Plug
The usual voltage is between 220V and 240V, 50 cycles. However sometimes you may encounter 110V, also at 50 cycles, just to confuse things.
Two-pin (ungrounded) plug is more popular than three-pin one. If your devices need a special outlet, please bring its adapter kit. The best investment is a universal AC adapter, which will enable you to plug it in anywhere without frying the innards.
What to pack
1. Appropriate dress differs from North to South. As Southern Vietnam is tropical year round people dress comfortably and casually. Lightweight cotton and wool fabrics will be comfortable at any time of year. Winter (November through April) can be cool in Hanoi, and a coat may be necessary, where dress is a bit more formal and somber than the fashionable South.
2. Medicine: You should bring extra medicines from home, like Aspirin, Cold-symptom relief tablets, antihistamine, cough drops, Ace bandage and so on in a small first aid kit.
4. Bring enough memory cards and batteries for photography fans.
5. Cash and important travel documents.