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Laos Attractions

Unlike the other countries, e.g. Thailand, in Indochina, Laos don't have too many gorgeous and exquisite attractions, but no one will look down upon this country since it preserves the most primitive nature, the most purest brief of Buddhism, and the most easygoing lifestyle. Unconsciously you will be immersed in a real and simple world in Laos.
Royal Palace Museum
Its architecture of the building has a mixed of traditional Lao motifs and French Beaux Arts styles.
The Victory Gate resembling the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but typically Laotian in design and decoration.
Haw Pha Bang Temple
Located in the grounds of Royal Palace, housing the most significant historical object - Pha Bang.
Lao National Museum
Formerly named as Lao Revolutionary Museum, full of splendid exhibits recording Lao history.