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Myanmar / Burma Transport

Here you can know the international transport and domestic transport information about Myanmar. 
As entry by overland routes from China and Thailand is only permitted for group tours and short periods, so for most visitors to Myanmar, they will choose flying to Yangon by the following airlines. Kindly check them whether it has a direct flight to Yangon from your city.

Air Asia: www.airasia.com
Air China: www.airchina.com
Air India: www.airindia.in
Bangkok Airways: www.bangkokair.com
China Airlines: www.china-airlines.com

China and Thailand are the only two entrances to Myanmar (Burma) by land, since most of border in Myanmar remains close for transportation. The major way is to take bus across the border.
Thailand to Myanmar: The Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, the connection between two countries over Mekong River, offers a convenient channel for tourists to enter Myawaddy Town of Myanmar from Maesot, one of counties in Thailand. Another passageway starts from Three Pagodas Pass in Thailand. <