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Myanmar / Burma Transport

Here you can know the international transport and domestic transport information about Myanmar. 
There are over twenty airports in Myanmar, so it is the most convenient and time-saving to travel in Myanmar by air. Four airline companies provide domestic service for tourists to get around this mysterious country as below:
Air Bagan: www.airbagan.com (Tel: 01-513322) 
Mandalay Airways: www.airmandalay.com (Tel: 01-525488)
Yangon Airways: www.yangonair.com (Tel: 01-383106)
Myanmar Airways International: www.maiair.com (Tel: 01-374874)
With several important rivers in total of about 8,000 miles long, including Ayeyarwady, Bhamo, Twante Canal, etc., Myanmar offers tourists an attractive travelling experience by water, short-haul or long-haul. Consultancy is served by Myanmar Travel&Tour (Tel: 01-275328) and MFSL Office in Yango (Tel: 01-295279). 
Being cheap and frequent, taking bus may be another method to travel in Myanmar if you can ignore the circumstances of bad road condition and overloading and delayed junk buses of great majority. Tourists can only use Myanmar Kyat to take it. The ticket fee for foreigners is generally higher than locals.
Renting a motor, a car or a bike for the around-trip is common and widespread in Myanmar. Though the rental fee of car and motor is a little expensive, it is still a great method to travel to some remote places as you want according to your interests.