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China Transport

Here Indochinatourguide will offer the international transport and domestic transport information about China to make sure a smooth China tour for you.
China not only provides numerous major international flights to most countries of the world, but also host domestic regional airlines. Air traffic within mainland China is often connected through Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. They are, respectively, the main hubs for Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. And the other airlines simultaneously work out to form an efficient domestic air transport network in China.
Rail is the primary mode of transport in China and has an extensive network serving the entire country. The high speed rail covers all over the nation, connecting south with north, east with west, especially the Qinghai-Tibet railway which is the highest one in the world.
China also has the world's first commercial high-speed maglev train service in 38km long route between downtown Shanghai and the Pudong airport opened in 2003
In addition, China’s larger cities, such as Beijing, S
China has a vast and favorable road system to meet the immerse transport requirement. It is linked by a still evolving network of national highways and expressways. Every city set up stations to provide the domestic transport service. So taking motor vehicles or buses is very flexible and convenient to carry on your China tour.
China has 110,000 kilometers of navigable rivers, streams, lakes, and canals, more than any country in the world. The main workable rivers are theYangtze River, Xiang River, Heilong Jiang, Pearl River, Huangpu River, Lijiang River and Xi Jiang. Although it is slower than other high-tech transport ways, taking boats is still popular, especially those where railways are few and road access to many towns is inconvenient.