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Cambodia Transport


Cambodia has two international airports. Pochentong Airport in Phnom Penh is approximately 30 minutes drive from the city. Siem Reap Airport is approximately 10 minutes drive from the town.

Navigable waterways become one of the entrances to Cambodia. Mekong River passes through the Indochina Peninsula and links Cambodia with other countries such as Vietnam and Laos. There are regular ships and boats on the river border providing approach service for tourists, via the border crossings of these countries.
Cambodia has opened its border with the neighbor countries, offering overland connections with Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. Taking bus is one of the approaches to Cambodia. The general route is from Moc Bai in Vietnam to Bavet on the Cambodian side, while the Thai-Cambodia one starts from Bangkok to Siem Reap via the Poipet–Aranya Prathet border crossing. 
Car / Motor

More and more car drivers and motor riders get into Cambodia by land, though it is only achieved on conditions that registration papers, insurance documents and an International Driving License are needed to take vehicles into the country. Generally motor is easier than car to enter into Cambodia.