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Cambodian Food (Khmer Cuisine)

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Cambodian Food (also Khmer Cuisine) is one of the world’s oldest living cuisines with emphasis on simplicity, freshness, seasonality and regionalism. Cambodia has a great variety of national dishes, some similar to the cuisine of neighbouring Thailand and Laos, others closer to Chinese and Vietnamese cooking, but all come with that unique Cambodian twist.

Thanks to the natural geographic location that is Tonle Sap Lake, freshwater fish come in every shape and size, from the giant Mekong catfish to teeny, tiny whitebait, Cambodia provides all kinds of delicious freshwater foods.

Guests-Picked Restaurants
Phnom Penh
Friends Restaurant House 215, Street 13
Romdeng 74 Street 174
Deco No.46 Street 352, Corner of St 57 and 352
The Chat'n Chew No. 54, Street 172
K'NYAY 25K Suramarit Blvd. (Street 268)
La P'tite France 38, Street 306, Bkk 1
Siem Reap
Dakshin's Old Market, opposite Siem Reap Referral Hospital
Haven Training Restaurant Sok San Street
Sala Bai Restaurant School 155 Phum Tapoul
The Touich Restaurant Bar No. 0152, Trang Village, Sangkat Slor Kram, behind Wat Preah Enkosei ( Wat Leu)
The Hashi Sivatha Street, opposite Lucky Mall
Nary Kitchen No. 650 Group 32, Prekmohatep
Flavors of India No. 85, Street 2.5, behind Chinese School
Gecko Cafe Street # 3, 1 Block South of Psa Nath Market
White Rose St 2, City Centre
Sandan Sokha Beach Road
Nyam Tola street, off Golden Lions Rounabout
Tamu Far End of Otres Beach
Manoha Serendity Beach Road, next Koh Meas 2
Taj Mahal Ocheteaul Beach Road