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Cambodia Attractions

In the very beginning, foreign visitors came only to Siem Reap to see the Angkor temples than was even without nightlife. But in recent years, Cambodia has perfected its tourist resources, and has opened more and more tourist places to travelers. Apart from the temples of Angkor, Cambodia presents different charms to the world, like beach views in and other attractions of interest.
Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda
Official residence of the King with Khmer roofs, parts of the compound are open to the public, including Silver Pagoda.
Killing Fields
A record of Cambodia's terrifying history that countless people were killed and buried by Khmer Rouge regime.
Independence Monument
A lotus-shaped monument to commemorate the Cambodia's independence from France in 1953.
Phonm Sampeau
A complex of temples in Battambang with a gorgeous bird's-eye view, home to the Killing Caves formed by Khmer Rouge reign.
Tep Pranam
A Buddhist temple with a large 4.5m-high Buddha seated on a lotus pedestal.
Artisans Angkor
A famous social business for job opportunities and traditional Khmer craftsmanship restoration..
National Museum of Cambodia
Cambodia's largest museum of cultural history and the leading historical and archaeological museum.
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Formerly used as a prison in Khmer Rouge reign, the largest center of detention and torture.
Wat Kor Village
A village in the south of Battambang, famous for its 21 Khmer heritage houses.