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Thailand Transport

Here you can know the international transport and domestic transport information about Thailand. 
Thailand is now going through a period of air route deregulation which has resulted in several low-fare, no frills airline start-ups. The facility and service of domestic airline are gradually improving. All are based at Bangkok International Airport. Here are some airlines suggested to you for reference: Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Orient Thai, Phuket Air, Thai Airline, etc.
The long-tail boat (Reua Haang Yao) is a staple transport tool in Bangkok and neighboring provinces on rivers and canals in Thailand. It can travel at a phenomenal speed. You can take the more expensive hovercraft or jetfoil to cross the Gulf of Thailand or Andaman Sea.
Every city and town in Thailand linked by bus has a BKS (a transport company) station, even if it’s just a patch of dirt by the side of the road. The service on the buses is usually quite good and includes beverage service and video which distribute receipt dockets for your baggage in longer routes.
Motorcycle travel has become a popular way to get around Thailand, especially in the north. Lots of places provide the rental service for tourists. It is also possible to buy a new or used motor and sell it before you leave the country. 
It is a three-wheeled vehicle divided into two types – motorized and nonmotorized. You can find motorized one to travel throughout Thailand which are small and powered by horrendously noisy two-stroke engines.